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Recent approaches in genomics technologies for studying humans and microbes have the capacity and potential to remodel the clinical care, surveillance, and understanding of genomics data sets. To genuinely engage in this genomics revolution, African researchers must be equipped with knowledge of cutting-edge genomics bioinformatics tools, and multidisciplinary approaches to comprehensively carry out an independent and high standard acceptable global research.

Next-generation sequencing technology has fundamentally revolutionized biological and medical sciences. A sequencing/microarray data analysis project requires careful planning, seasoned methodology, and concise reporting.

Data-lead Africa is an expert in offering comprehensive bioinformatics solutions in all aspects of sequencing and microarray. We provide extensive data analysis services from data generated by a wide range of sequencing/microarray platforms.

We use the cutting-edge bioinformatics algorithms and pipeline and provide you with high-quality and ready-for-publication data.


The organism’s genome and the ability to assemble correctly is very vital for any project that uses omics sciences to trying to proffer solutions in health sector, agriculture and the environment.  we develop an innovative tool that create a new reliable and precise assembly, of both complete genomes and specific parts or groups of genes depending on the project scope.

We also apply reference genomes and resequencing data to design a specific tool for Reference Guided Assembly and genome reconstruction there by creating a dedicated version of each subject.
We also carry out studies on eQTL analysis, GBS, GWAS and comparative genomics.

Available Analysis

  • De-novo genome assembly (De novo Assembly, Structural gene annotation, Functional gene annotation)
  • Annotation of coding and non-coding genes
  • Variant calling (SNPs and InDELs calling Structural Variant calling)
  • Analysis of genome rearrangement
  • Comparative genomics
  • Functional genomic


The study of the set of genes of a genome is a vital step in understanding its entire biological processes and functions. Sequencing technologies and transcriptomics studies has avail us with all the required information to study in details an organism’s genes in relations to specific conditions and tissues.

At Data Lead Africa, we designed a customise pipelines using the latest bioinformatics tools that will quickly help us identify genes, transcripts, and splicing variants, with attention to their functions and organisation using molecular networks. Our pipelines are used in both model organisms and new species to which they can incorporate the transcriptome, even if there is no reference genome, or species with partial annotations (Reference Guided Transcriptome Assembly).

Available Analysis

  • Gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA)
  • Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment
  • Protein-protein interactions (PPI) and signalling pathway involvement. All from a systems biology perspective.
  • Analysis of fusion genes, circularized RNAs and trans-splicing events
  • Detection of long non-coding RNAs

Research in recent years has shown that neither the sequence of the genes nor their expression can alone explain the complex workings of genomes. That is why the study of epigenetics has become a key factor for understanding biological processes.

At Data Lead Africa, we have very robust analysis pipelines that combined with sequencing technologies that will enable us to study how transcription factors and histones interact with the chromatin (CHIP-Seq) and identify regulatory elements such as promoters of DNA methylation. In this way, the distribution profiles of the proteins that bind DNA and the distribution of methylation in the genome can be plotted and we can see how they change depending on conditions or tissues (differential analysis).

  • Analysis of CHIP-Seq data
  • Analysis of Bisulfite sequencing data (Methyl-Seq)
  • Identification of Differentially Methylated Regions
  • Non-CpG Analysis
  • Available Analysis Includes.
  • Sequencing quality control
  • Metagenomic assembly
  • ORF/gene detection,
  • Functional annotation
  • Taxonomic analysis
  • Comparative analysis
  • Data management capabilities.
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